I’ve proudly represented Central Florida in the Florida House of Representatives, and I’ll continue to proudly represent my neighbors as District 3 County Commissioner.

Our County has a rich history and as we grow we must work to ensure that the community we love never gets lost in the natural growth of those who come to love Citrus County.

We must work to better allow the renovation and re-purposing of our historical buildings, as well as to ensure that new ones have more of a natural Citrus County look and the ugly look of box stores don’t overtake our community.

We must look into ordinances that have held back the reuse of buildings and caused blight in some areas of the County.

In the end, the community will grow; our job is to ensure that the look truly represents the community we either grew up with or grew to love.

                    Jimmie T. Smith

Rep. Jimmie T. Smith

Hi, my name is Jimmie T. Smith, and I’m running for County Commissioner to Citrus County District 3.

Have you ever wondered what happens when the Common Man gets involved in politics? Well, I’m an average person that retired from the military, saw what was happening in our state government, and decided enough-was-enough with government spending and high taxes.

So, I worked hard and was elected as a State Representative.

I’ve worked on legislation to fight fraud, waste, and abuse, as well as cut spending. With my experience as a veteran, I have become a leader for the Florida House when it comes to issues dealing with veterans, servicemen and women with PTSD, and getting the young men and women who have defended our nation into the workforce after they are discharged from the military.

You see, when a regular person gets involved and puts their mind to something, we can accomplish a lot. That’s why I’m seeking election for the District 3 County Commissioner, which consists of my local friends, neighbors, and businesses we frequent.

As your County Commissioner,  I will work to ensure that your tax dollars are spent properly, I will continue to ensure that the policies I champion focus on the needs of the community, and I will be actively engaged and reach out not just to the community leaders, but to the people who make up the community, ensuring they have a strong voice within the community.

As a leader I know that every side deserves respect and consideration on the issues.

I will do my research, learn about the possibility or negativity of the changes and make sure that any decisions I make are for Citrus County’s benefit.

My time will be your time, as a full time legislator, I have shown how to properly engage the community, to show that resolution can be achieved for the most part and have the courage to respectfully tell you when things cannot change.

My leadership style is one of an open door policy, of showing up to work and of addressing the issues.

As County commissioner I will have one mission and that is Citrus County.

Or better said, “My Mission is Citrus County!”

That is why I humbly ask for your support to become your next District 3 County Commissioner.

Thank you, and God Bless America!

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